Switzerland's Peter Kunz Architektur is responsible for the creation of this modern day “Batcave” located in Herdern, Switzerland. The private garage studio has been constructed into the hillside and features five giant concrete cubes that jut out of the surrounding, apparently untouched, landscape. The concrete cubes are furnished with a single glass panel, creating a dramatic outlook onto the adjacent valley.

The fifth cube is installed with a sliding door that acts as the garage’s “secret” entrance, while an internal staircase offers users foot access to and from the rooftop. In total the garage can house eight cars, with at least four of them appreciating some of the best views in town.

The grass rooftop helps to camouflage the garage into its surrounding environment, however I’m sure the collection of gold Porsches parked in front of the windows are sure to gain some attention! Nonetheless, the Swiss architects have found a creative way to put some lucky guy’s prized car collection on display and protect them at the same time.

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