Perhaps you’re a single apartment-dweller who doesn’t have a lot of clothes to wash, or room for a full-sized washing machine. That said, you still don’t like having to trek back and forth to the shared laundry room every time you need clean socks or undies. If so, King Jim’s new Swoosh countertop washer might be what you need.

The little AC-powered washing machine – which looks not unlike a big blender – uses five liters (1.3 US gallons) of poured-in water per load.

After depositing the dirty laundry, water and detergent, users apparently just close the lid and set the timer. One would assume that they have to drain the wash water part way through (via an integrated hose), and introduce clean rinse water. One load takes 15 minutes to wash, and another three minutes to rinse. Presumably there’s no spin cycle.

It can handle up to 250 grams (0.6 lbs) of laundry at a time. According to King Jim – if we understand the translated specs correctly – this means one piece of clothing such as a shirt, or five “rags” (towels?), or 12 wash cloths. In any case, your jeans probably aren’t going into this thing.

The Swoosh officially goes on sale in Japan on February 15th, and will be priced at ¥14,000 (US$150) before tax.

Other tiny washing machines include the Laundry POD and the GiraDora, although both are still in development, and are human-powered.

Source: King Jim (Google translate) via Far East Gizmos