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T-Mobile G1 hits stores

T-Mobile G1 hits stores
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T-Mobile G1
T-Mobile G1

October 22, 2008 T-Mobile has announced that the first Android powered mobile phone handset - the T-Mobile G1 - will be available in retail stores across the US from today. Since the launch last month, the company reports "strong pre-sales demand" and in anticipation of a busy day, stores carrying the handset will open their doors early.

Priced at USD$180, the T-Mobile G1 with Google features full touch-screen functionality plus a QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera, built-in Google applications and access to the open platform Android market.

The phone will go on sale today in areas where T-Mobile’s 3G service is available - currently that includes 95 major cities - with customers in stores falling outside these areas having to settle for a demo until the network reaches their region.

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