Tacita's first cruiser motorcycle has been officially unveiled at the AIMExpo show in Columbus, Ohio. The electric T-Cruise comes equipped with selectable power delivery, adjustable ergonomics and a variety of optional power packs that translate to prices ranging from affordable to high-endish.

The timing of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) didn't leave much room for important model debuts, as most companies are holding their best for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in late October and the annual EICMA show in Italy. Nevertheless, Italian electic motorcycle manufacturer Tacita opted to reveal its new model on American soil, as a clear indication of the customer base it is actually targeting. In fact, announcing the price only in US currency could be interpreted as indicative of which market will get to see the T-Cruise first.

As announced, Tacita lifted the veil on an electric cruiser that draws obvious inspiration from the lines of Harley-Davidson's Sportster, powered by its own liquid-cooled asynchronous three-phase induction motor. Peak power is announced at 30 kW (40.2 hp) at 8,000 rpm, with a maximum torque of 70 Nm (51.6 lb-ft).

The electric powerplant allows the rider to select between two power delivery modes, Eco and Sport, as it drives the rear wheel via Tacita's proprietary five-speed gearbox that also includes a reverse gear for easy unparking. Interestingly, Tacita revealed a chain-driven motorcycle, yet in its website it states that the final drive can alternatively employ a belt. Perhaps this suggests a possible customer option?

Tacita will offer the T-Cruise with three different 120 V lithium-polymer battery packs, starting with the 7.5 kWh base kit for a maximum range of up to 50 mi (81 km) before the engine enters reserve mode. The second pack includes a 15 kWh battery, good for 93 mi (149 km), yet the most interesting is the long-range 27 kWh battery that can propel the T-Cruise for as long as 168 miles, or 270 km.

Depending on the selected battery pack, charging times range from two to seven hours on a typical home socket with the standard on-board 3 kW charger, but things can accelerate considerably with the optional fast charger that can replenish its batteries up to 80 percent in as little as 40 minutes.

The T-cruise sports a set of non-adjustable conventional 41-mm front forks, and two piggyback shock absorbers with preload adjustment and 65 mm of travel. Braking is handled by a Brembo front caliper biting on a 280-mm steel disk, with a combined system in place linking it with the 240-mm rear disk, and a regenerative circuit to charge the battery while braking. Weight figures have not been disclosed, as these will understandably depend heavily on battery choice.

Sitting on the handstitched leather saddle with double memory foam, the rider can adjust the footpegs in three different positions along the frame, moving them longitudinally to better fit his or her body size.

By offering it with different battery options, Tacita makes the T-Cruise accessible to a variety of customers. The base 7.5 kWh model costs US$10,999, while the middle option (15 kWh) will ask for $4,000 more. For the most impressive 27 kWh battery-powered version though, the cost rockets to $27,999.

As of yet there's no word on availability, with mystery surrounding which countries the T-Cruise will be marketed to. Perhaps the most urgent matter though is whether Tacita will set up a dealer network in the US, which the new model appears to be primarily designed for.

In the meantime, Tacita is also planning to unveil a new road-going Rally variant of the T-Race for 2018, hinting at a 112-mi (180-km) range, 19-inch front wheel and lower seat height compared to the current Rally model. The new adventure bike is expected to be introduced as soon as January 2018.

Source: Tacita

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