If you're looking for value for money, a sports car-inspired designer mobile phone probably isn't the best place to start. Based on its Meridiist handset, Tag Heuer's latest model is inspired by the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640. We’ve no problem with admitting that it looks the business, but as is strangely typical of these sorts of overpriced phones, it seems to be seriously lacking on the practicality front.

The phones “genuinely useful features” amount to a 2MP digital camera, media player, 2GB of memory, GPRS connectivity and a 240x320 1.9” main display. Oh, and Bluetooth. That’s about your lot, aside from the obvious, but this phone isn’t about competing with the most basic of mid-range handsets in such manner.

“Relentless in its pursuit of performance, TAG Heuer has revolutionized first timekeeping and now mobile communication by finding technological inspiration in professional motor sports and Grand Tourism cars,” said Steve Amstutz, General Manager for TAG Heuer Communication Instruments. “In partnering with Automobili Lamborghini, TAG Heuer reinforces its automotive legacy with the most extreme supersportscar of all.”

And to this end it offers a dual-time display, black titanium carbide coated 316L stainless steel case and a main display made from 60.5 carat scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. You’ll also find the famed sports car’s signature on the battery cover – the same one engraved on the Murciélago LP 640’s V12 engine block, if that affects your decision at all.

No prices are confirmed for the Lamborghini edition phone, though the original Meridiist would set you back between US$5,420 and US$6,216 depending on the configuration.

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