BAC Mono

  • ​It was back in 2011 that Britain's Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) debuted its Mono single-seat street-legal high-performance sports car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. At this year's event BAC has taken things further, with the "more advanced" Mono R.
  • In a world of big sedans and SUVs, the light, minimalist BAC Mono is a standout piece of art. As it turns out, it also makes an interesting canvas for a greater art project, with BAC brightening up its roadster with blue, red and yellow stripes to represent airflow along the length of the black body
  • Lotus and Lamborghini police cars aren't exactly patrolling every city block, but they've become regular enough that they no longer shock. But the latest police supercar has come as a surprise. The world's first Mono police car puts a single officer inside BAC's open-air, track-focused roadster.
  • When you already have one of the lightest, quickest single-seat roadsters available, you have to take some extreme measures to cut weight even more. Thus is the case with BAC and its new graphene-based Mono.