• Corpus soccer training balls might look weird but kicking them feels even stranger.
  • In the game of cricket, the express bowler holds a special place. The fastest of the fast bowlers deliver the ball at around 100mph and since the first radar guns were used to measure ball speed, the public has been fascinated with the ongoing quest to be the “fastest bowler in the world." Now you
  • Slight changes to one of man’s oldest playthings have created a ball that bounces on water, offering an entirely new set of ways to have fun. It's part physical education apparatus, part training aid and part toy - a sub US$10 category buster ideal for children 10+ to develop hand-eye coordination,
  • April 12, 2007 Bizit Air Products have come up with a fun idea - inflatable plastic balls with up to a 4.5 metre/15 foot diameter that can accomodate dancers,
  • March 16, 2005 UPDATED IMAGES AND TECHNICAL INFO The World Cup of soccer is fast approaching and one of the features of the world's most watched sporting tourna