One thing about soccer that makes it an enjoyable game for just about any participant is that the round soccer ball is fairly predictable in the way it behaves when it’s kicked, passed, headed, thrown, rolled, etc. But how do you sharpen your reflexes, interception and dribbling skills when you’ve mastered how the round ball reacts? Unless you want to play on a rock-infested pitch (not good for your joints or equipment) a new Corpus training ball from Rasenreicht might be the new training partner you need.

Really good football players are characterized by performance, technique, coordination and the ability to react to changing situations in a flash. Austrian company Rasenreich says these skills can be trained with the weird-looking soccer balls it has created. The unpredictability of the irregularly shaped ball is designed to challenge players’ ball control, reaction times and concentration, and make your average training session slightly warped.

And goalies … get ready to look foolish as this ball zig-zags past you into the net.

The Rasenreich soccer balls come in two designs, the Corpus I and II. Each sells online for €95.95 (US$130 approx.).

The Rasenreich soccer balls were finalists at the ISPO BrandNew Award 2010.