• BMW's luxury high-performance saloon, the M5, celebrates its 30th birthday this year. In honor of this, it a special "30 years of the M5" edition of the car as been created. Not only is it the most powerful M5 ever produced, but it is the most powerful production car in the history of BMW.
  • Swedish icon Volvo turns 85 today, and will reenact driving the first Volvo ÖV4 through the same company gates in Göteborg. Volvo Cars is now Chinese owned, though the parent Swedish Volvo Group is now the second largest truck maker in the world
  • Google's front page today is a fully playable game of Pacman, paying tribute to the iconic video game. It's just 30 years ago since Pacman was released in Japan, indicating the warp speed at which gaming has become part of the global social fabric.