• The American Dental Association recommends cleaning between teeth at least once per day. Generally, this is done using a strand of dental floss. Though important, it does take time. What if you could floss all your teeth in one bite? That's what Blizzident is promising with its 3D-Flosser.
  • Flossing is one of those chores many of us don't look forward to, but it's essential to good oral hygiene. That's why the folks at Flosstime have created a solution to make this element of personal hygiene a routine we can enjoy – or at least, one that we remember to do.
  • According to environmentally-conscious mouthcare company Goodwell, there are two main problems with one-time flossing harps: they aren't designed to be portable and they're not eco-friendly. The firm says its new GoodFloss harps are both. What's more, they're designed to make flossing easier.