According to environmentally-conscious mouth-care company Goodwell, there are two main problems with one-time flossing harps: they aren't designed to be portable and they're not eco-friendly. The firm says its new GoodFloss harps are both. What's more, they're designed to make flossing easier.

Late last year, Goodwell unveiled an open-source compostable toothbrush aimed at helping to bring down from 300 the number of non-eco-friendly plastic toothbrushes that each of us is estimated to put into landfill over the course of our lifetimes.

The firm points out that plastic one-time flossing harps are also contributing to our landfill sites. In order to tackle this problem, its GoodFloss harps are made using what it calls a "proprietary compostable blend of biodegradable material."

In addition to being eco-friendly, the GoodFloss harps are cleverly designed for convenience and use. The harps come joined together in groups of four that are about the size and shape of a credit card, making them simple to slip into your wallet for day-to-day use or when you go away.

The harps themselves are hinged at the handle to make it easier for users to reach those more inaccessible and tucked away areas of the mouth. A toothpick is also incorporated into the hinged handle to provide an extra means of tackling food that is stuck between teeth.

GoodFloss is currently up for pre-order direct from the Goodwell at US$5.99 per pack. Each pack contains 10 cards, with four flossers per card. It's expected to begin shipping from mid-June.

The video below provides an introduction to the GoodFloss.

Source: Goodwell

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