HTC One M9

  • This year, Samsung is making it harder for HTC to keep up with its Galaxy flagships, as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge leap forward much farther than the HTC One M9 does. Let's compare the three phones' features and specs.
  • Two years ago, a struggling HTC rebranded itself with an outstanding (not to mention gorgeous) flagship smartphone, the HTC One (M7). Today the company looks hesitant to depart too far from that formula, as we now have the second iterative update to the lineup, the HTC One M9. We compare all three.
  • In 2013, HTC rebooted its smartphone line with one of the most gorgeous phones ever made, the metal HTC One (M7). Since then, the company hasn't so much been flexing its design muscle, as it has been repeating that same design. Meet HTC's latest flagship, the One M9.