Interbike 2016

  • ​Last week, New Atlas once again checked out North America's biggest bike show – Interbike. As usual, there were all sorts of goodies on hand that we wanted to share with our readers. Here's a quick look at some of them. ​
  • New bicycle lighting technology from UK-based Brightspark Global not only equips bikes with widely-spaced dual headlights, tail lights and front/rear turn indicators, but it also shines nifty laser signals onto the road.
  • ​Although you certainly can inflate a bike's tires using a hand pump, doing so typically involves some time and effort. Production Functional Factory is attempting to address that situation with Bimp Air, a refillable compressed air system that's charged by the spinning of the bike's front wheel. ​
  • ​​If you're a recreational cyclist, chances are you don't lug a U-lock along on all your rides. So, what happens if you make a quick stop at a coffee shop? Well, the OttoLock works essentially like a big cut-resistant zip-tie. ​
  • Cercacor is the latest company to be showing off its wares at the Interbike Expo in Las Vegas, launching the Ember: a hemoglobin tracker and scanner device that links to your smartphone to give you an almost instant assessment of your body's reaction to exercise.
  • ​Everybody's butt is unique. It would only seem logical, then, that an "off-the-rack" bicycle saddle isn't going to deliver an optimum fit. That's where Meld enters the picture. It's a saddle that's manufactured using a posterior impression that the buyer sends in. ​
  • ​Electronic gear-shifting systems for bikes already make life easier for cyclists. Baron Controls, however, is out to make things even easier. Its new ProShift device works with existing electronic shifting systems, automatically taking care of the shifting for the rider.
  • If you're looking to go beyond the standard fitness tracker, there are a growing number of specialist devices out there for quantifying every aspect of your existence. Skulpt just launched version 2 of its muscle tone and fat monitor at the Interbike expo, and New Atlas was there to take a look.
  • Sena has unveiled its new smart helmet for cyclists, which includes a QHD camera, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers and an intercom system for keeping in touch with fellow riders.