iPhone 7

  • Android co-founder Andy Rubin's The Essential Phone​ joins a crowded field of smartphones competing for the same Android enthusiast base of customers. Let's see how the Essential Phone compare to Apple's behemoth across the aisle, the iPhone 7​.
  • The HTC U11 and iPhone 7 have the same starting price point, but otherwise, they are about as different as premium smartphone flagships can be. Here's how their specs and features compare.
  • We've seen a strong crop of smartphones pop up in the early part of 2017. Here's a roundup of the best recent releases – including a few from the end of 2016 – and a comprehensive comparison of their specs and features.
  • If you're considering one of the Samsung Galaxy S8 series flagships versus one of the latest iPhones, you'll want to examine all your options. Here, we compare the specs and features of the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S8+ with the iPhone 7.
  • The smaller of Samsung's S8 series flagships is quite comparable to Apple's latest phablet. Here's how the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 match up with those of the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Until September brings another round of refreshed iPhones, the two smartphones in this comparison may well be the two most popular phones you can buy. Let's see how the features and specs of the Galaxy S8​ and iPhone 7​ compare.
  • ​Apple quietly unveiled new additions to its hardware and software lineup this morning in a series of press releases. Highlights include an updated 9.7-inch iPad, a limited edition red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a new mobile video creation app called Clips.
  • In terms of size, the LG G6 makes sense as a rival to Apple's larger iPhone​. But if past years are any indication, its price could fall closer to that of the smaller iPhone 7. Let's see how the features and specs of the LG G6 and iPhone 7 compare.
  • ​Moment​ has been creating photography accessories for iPhones for a few years, and its current Kickstarter campaign could bring refreshed perks to Apple's latest flagships. A proposed battery case, photography case and wide lens aim to bring DSLR-like functions to the iPhone 7​ and iPhone 7 Plus​.
  • Not interested in being an iPhone 7 owner? Here are some alternatives. These are all premium smartphones with great cameras, bloat-free operating systems, and a satisfying user experience.
  • ​Few companies have inspired as much brand loyalty as Apple. But after a tepid 2016, we’re wondering if the industry leader is on the verge of seriously alienating its fanbase. Here are the Apple foibles most likely to send long-time users running for Android and Windows products.
  • ​Although the iPhone 7 may be water-resistant, you still shouldn't use it for underwater photography. That's where the LenzO housing comes in. Designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it lets the phone be safely submerged as deep as 100 meters (330 ft).
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