In terms of size, the LG G6 makes sense as a rival to Apple's larger iPhone. But if past years are any indication, its price could fall closer to that of the smaller iPhone 7. Let's see how the features and specs of the LG G6 and iPhone 7 compare.


The LG G6 is 8-percent taller, 7.5-percent wider and 11-percent thicker than the iPhone 7.


The G6 is also 18-percent heavier.


LG used a Samsung-esque glass (black) and aluminum (frame) build for the G6. Apple is known for its often-imitated aluminum unibody designs.


Apple offers several extra color options for the iPhone 7.

The US will only get the platinum and black variants of the G6.

Water resistance

The G6 has a higher water-resistance rating, though both are in good shape.

Display size

Based on area (much more telling than diagonal measurements), the G6's screen is 38-percent bigger than the iPhone's.

Home button

Since the G6's navigation bar lives onscreen, though, in many places that will eat up some of its available screen real estate.

Display resolution

The G6 packs many more pixels into its screen, though Apple is known for winning on factors other than pixel density (like contrast, brightness and white balance).

Display type

Both phone makers went with IPS panels.

3D Touch

Apple's 3D Touch (pressure-sensitive display) is the rare iPhone feature that hasn't been copied much on Android phones. Is that because of technological challenges or because it never became quite the killer feature Apple was hoping for?


The G6 has a much larger battery, but many factors go into determining actual battery life. Stay tuned for benchmarks in a full G6 review.

Fast charging

Apple has yet to add quick charging to its mobile devices.

Camera megapixels

Megapixel counts are similar, but once you're past a certain threshold, that doesn't tell you much about actual photo quality. We'll have more to say about the G6's camera in our review.

Camera aperture (rear)

Somewhat more telling it aperture, which often determines the quality of low-lit shots.


Both devices have Optical Image Stabilization.

Dual-lens camera (rear)

LG uses two cameras on the phone's backside, the second of which lets you quickly toggle into wide-angle shots.

While the larger iPhone 7 Plus has a second telephoto lens on its back, this 4.7-in iPhone 7 doesn't.


LG stuck with one 32 GB storage tier, while Apple offers three.


LG, though, lets you pop in a microSD card to complement that internal storage.


Despite being an early-2017 phone, the G6 runs Qualcomm's late-2016 silicon. Leaks are pointing to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 using Qualcomm's latest.


The G6 doubles the iPhone's RAM, though Apple is historically known for doing more with less in this department.

Fingerprint sensor

Like many recent Android flagships, the G6's fingerprint sensor lives on its backside. Apple's Touch ID is in its home button, below the screen.

Headphone jack

Apple famously cut the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, but LG let it live to fight another day.

Mobile payments

Both have NFC-based payment systems: Android Pay on the G6 and Apple Pay on the iPhone.


It's Android Nougat (with a healthy smattering of LG's custom UI) vs. iOS 10.


The G6 launches in South Korea this month, followed by a US/European launch in April.

Starting price (full retail)

We don't yet know the G6's pricing, but in past years LG flagships have been priced more in the $600-650 range than the $750+ range that Apple's and Samsung's phablets fall into.

For more, you can read New Atlas' hands-on with the LG G6 and our full review of the iPhone 7.

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