• The LG G6 has only been out for three months, but the company has already announced an upgraded model, the G6+. Along with new functionality that will be coming to existing G6's via software update, the G6+ expands internal storage, improves sound quality, and adds wireless charging capabilities.
  • The HTC U11 and LG G6 are premium phones with similar price points. However, the two flagships have several distinctions when it comes to specs and features. Here's how the new squeezable U11 compares to the slim-bezeled LG G6.
  • We've seen a strong crop of smartphones pop up in the early part of 2017. Here's a roundup of the best recent releases – including a few from the end of 2016 – and a comprehensive comparison of their specs and features.
  • Bezel-free displays are a top trend in mobile electronics this year, spearheaded by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 series and the LG G6. Apart from their large displays, how else do their specs and features compare? Join New Atlas as we take a look.
  • You may know that “HDR” stands for High Dynamic Range, a term with origins in photography. Now, it’s a buzzword that’s popping up on more mobile displays and is being touted as a selling point. What exactly does HDR mean for tablets, phones and laptops?
  • ​The two biggest smartphone announcements out of Mobile World Congress were the high-end LG G6​ and budget-focused Motorola Moto G5 Plus​. Let's compare their features and specs.
  • The LG G6 was unveiled weeks ago at the Mobile World Congress, but without official price points or release dates. For US consumers, that wait is coming to an end: Depending on your carrier, the phone can hit shelves as early as March 30, with a full retail price starting around US$650.
  • In terms of size, the LG G6 makes sense as a rival to Apple's larger iPhone​. But if past years are any indication, its price could fall closer to that of the smaller iPhone 7. Let's see how the features and specs of the LG G6 and iPhone 7 compare.
  • The G6 and V20 are the most recent premium flagships from LG. The newer G6 abandoned its previous generation's modular approach in favor of a glassy build and a striking display, while the V20 is a hefty phablet that caters to audiophiles. Here's how they square off.
  • LG recently unveiled its newest flagship, the G6, at the Mobile World Congress. The OnePlus 3 and 3T are budget-minded 2016 flagships that pack in some premium specs and features. Here's a spec-by-spec look at how they compare.
  • The nearly bezel-free LG G6​ is going to have its most direct rival in the upcoming Galaxy S8. But until that announcement comes, we can see how the G6 compares to Samsung's latest (for now) flagship, the Galaxy S7 edge​.
  • Based on its specs and our brief hands-on time with the new LG G6, it's shaping up to be a very competitive flagship​. How does it stack up to one of our favorite Android standard-bearers, the Google Pixel XL?
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