LG's 2017 flagship smartphone, the G6, has only been out for about three months, but the company has already announced an upgraded model, the G6+. Along with some new functionality that will also be coming to existing G6 phones through a software update, the G6+ expands internal storage, improves sound quality, and adds wireless charging capabilities.

The G6 was a little fragmented across different regions. Depending on where you hailed from, the phone offered different combinations of wireless charging, Quad DAC for better-quality sound, and 64 GB of storage. The G6+ looks to roll these region-specific features into one device.

For starters, the new model ups the internal storage to 128 GB. In the audio department, the phone is now fitted with a Quad DAC, and to make sure that's properly appreciated, the company throws in a pair of apparently-premium earphones from B&O Play. The option for wireless charging, however, still appears to be a regional feature, and LG hasn't specified which countries will get that.

Other new functionality will come standard on the G6+ and newly-bought G6 phones, and will be rolled out to existing users via a software update. This includes Face Print, a facial recognition system that can scan a user's face and unlock their phone in under a second, according to LG. Power consumption has also been improved, and the phone will now notify users if a stray finger wanders into frame during a photo shoot.

On the surface, the new phones will be available in Astro Black, Marine Blue and Terra Gold colors, complete with a lenticular film on the back to give them a shiny "optical effect." The base G6 will now also come in Optical Marine Blue and Terra Gold flavors.

LG hasn't announced the release date or price for the G6+, or when the software update will be rolled out for existing phones.

Source: LG

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