The nearly bezel-free LG G6 is going to have its most direct rival in the upcoming Galaxy S8. But until that announcement comes, we can see how the features and specs of the G6 compare to those of Samsung's latest (for now) flagship, the Galaxy S7 edge.


The LG G6 is a tiny bit shorter and narrower, and a little thicker than the Galaxy S7 edge.


The G6 picks up an extra 6 g (0.21 oz) over the S7 edge.


LG took a cue from Samsung with a glass back and aluminum frame.


US shoppers will have two LG G6 colors to choose from, while some global markets will also see a white variant.

Water resistance

Ditching the modularity from the ho-hum LG G5, the company matched the S7 edge with IP68 water resistance.

Display size

The G6's narrower (18:9 or 2:1) aspect ratio means that, while it has a larger diagonal measurement, its screen area is only slightly bigger than the Edge's.

Display resolution

The G6 does have a 6-percent higher pixel density, though they're both sharp enough you aren't likely to notice much difference.

Display type

It's IPS vs. AMOLED in the display tech department.

Curved display

The Galaxy S7 edge draws its name from the dual-curved display that slopes off on either side.

Fingerprint sensor

While Samsung uses a fingerprint-sensor home button, the G6's sensor is on its backside.


The LG G6 isn't launching with Qualcomm's latest mobile silicon, reportedly because Samsung bought up all the inventory for the upcoming Galaxy S8. The Snapdragon 821 is still, however, an upgrade over the year-old 820 in the S7 series.

The Asian versions of the Galaxy S7 edge have an octa-core Samsung Exynos chip in place of the Snapdragon 820.


Both phones have 4 GB of RAM.


LG stuck with one (32 GB) storage tier for its 2017 flagship.


Both handsets have microSD card slots.

Hi-Fi audio

LG has established itself as a leader in smartphone audio, but that lead will only continue in the Korean and other Asian markets. The "Quad DAC" Hi-Fi capabilities we saw in the LG V20 won't be in the US version of the G6.

Headphone jack

It does, however, still have the headphone jack that it's become en vogue to ditch.


The Galaxy S7 edge has a larger-capacity battery, but we'll need to run the G6 through benchmarks before having much to say here.

Wireless charging

Only the US version of the LG G6 will get wireless charging capabilities.

Camera megapixels

Camera specs are similar, but like battery, we'll have to wait for extended hands-on testing of the G6.

The Galaxy S7's camera still holds up well, a year after its release.

Camera aperture (rear)

Despite being a year old, the Galaxy S7 edge has the slightly better aperture – which often helps determine the quality of low-lit shots.

Dual lens camera

The G6 has a second rear camera, that lets you instantly jump into a wide-angle shot.


Mobile payments

The G6 will employ NFC-based Android Pay, but the S7's Samsung Pay can also work at standard credit-card terminals.

Voice Assistant

Google is starting its rollout of its new Assistant AI to all recent Android phones, including the S7 edge. (Depending when you read this, it may or may not have already received the update.)


Apart from a diddly Google Cardboard (or similar) headset, the LG G6 doesn't have any significant VR capabilities. The S7 edge works with the high-quality Gear VR, which has a new controller coming soon.


The G6 starts rolling out in Korea this month, followed by an expected April launch in the US and other markets.


Both run Android Nougat, though each has its own custom UI slapped on top (no stock Android here).

Starting price (full retail)

LG hasn't yet announced pricing for the G6, so this is a key unknown in how it stacks up to not just the S7, but other 2017 flagships.

The Galaxy S7 edge will be replaced very soon, so unless you snag a great deal (less than this already-discounted price), we don't recommend buying it right now.

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