ITMO University

  • Fresh produce suppliers may say there's no pesticide residue on their fruits and veggies, but … are they telling the truth? Store workers could soon be able to check, using an inexpensive stick-on film.
  • Most of today's anti-counterfeiting labels have one thing in common: they're visible, meaning that counterfeiters can attempt to replicate their appearance. An experimental new sticker, however, contains "invisible" imagery.
  • Science
    ​Although it's already possible to create colored images on metal surfaces using lasers, different TYPES of lasers have to be used for different effects. Now, however, Russian scientists have developed a method of producing multiple effects using one commercially-available laser.
  • ​Major internal bleeding is a very serious condition that requires immediate attention, and it's difficult to treat non-surgically. Scientists from Russia's ITMO University are working on an effective means of doing so, however, in the form of injectable magnetic nanoparticles.
  • While most of us may not give much thought to the dyes used in color inks, they are in fact often quite toxic. That's why scientists have developed a more eco-friendly alternative – a non-toxic ink that produces different colors by altering the nanostructure of the material to which it's applied.
  • Science
    Security holograms can currently take days to create, using expensive equipment. That could be about to change, however, as scientists have developed a hologram production method that utilizes a regular inkjet printer.​