• The LG G5 stands out from this year's batch of smartphone upgrades in giving us something genuinely new to talk about. Its modular approach, letting you clip in spare batteries and camera packs and speakers, brings a touch of innovation to a market that seems to be levelling out.
  • The HTC 10 may be our favorite phone of the year; it's a greater than the sum of its parts return to form for one of the historically best smartphone makers. LG's G5, meanwhile, is an ambitious attempt at modularity, toeing the line between innovation and gimmickry. Let's see how they compare.
  • We don't yet know if the LG G5 will provide as good an all-around experience as Samsung's new flagships, but the company did have the single most innovative smartphone feature at MWC 2016, with its modular add-ons. If you live in the US, you'll only have about a month to find out.
  • LG's brand new G5 handset has a modular focus that market-leading handsets like the iPhone 6s Plus have never ventured into. Let's compare the two.
  • Two of the biggest phones of the year were launched head-to-head at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: but how does the smaller of Samsung's two 2016 flagship phones compare with LG's innovative modular handset? Here are all the key specifications and features you need to know about.
  • At this year's MWC, most of the major phone makers are scrambling around to find ultra-cool accessories to make their handsets more appealing. LG is betting that smartphone users would love a dash of virtual reality with their handsets, and we've been putting the LG 360 VR to the test in Barcelona.
  • Gizmag is in Barcelona at this year's Mobile World Congress, where we're off to a flying start: LG's brand new LG G5 flagship for 2016 brings with it some eye-catching specs, a new modular design and a host of accessories including a 360-degree camera and a virtual reality headset.