We don't yet know if the LG G5 will provide as good an all-around experience as Samsung's new flagships, but the company did have the single most innovative smartphone feature at MWC 2016, with its modular capabilities. If you live in the US, you only have about a month to go before finding out.

LG today announced that the G5 and its "Friends" add-ons will launch in the US in early April. And no, we don't yet know of an exact release date, just that general window. LG did add that the phone and accessories will launch at AT&T, Best Buy, B&H, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon. That's all the usual American suspects, with no major omissions.

We still don't know what the G5 or its add-ons will cost, but for a limited time LG is throwing in a free extra battery module and charging cradle with all phone purchases (perhaps taking a cue from Samsung's free Gear VR promo). After LG's original G5 announcement, we were a little worried about what you'd have to pay to get the phone and its best modules, but the free spare battery is an encouraging early sign. Of course that doesn't tell us anything about pricing for the HiFi music player or camera grip add-ons, or for that matter the non-promotional price of the extra battery. But it does show us that LG is aggressively courting smartphone shoppers, in the face of Samsung's impressive new flagships.

The "Friends" accessories for the G5 also include a rolling robot ball (naturally), a 360-degree camera and LG's own VR headset.

For more on the G5, you can hit up Gizmag's hands-on coverage from MWC.

Source: LG

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