Monaco Yacht Show 2017

  • Dutch yacht design firm Sinot recently unveiled its 120-meter (394-ft) concept yacht during the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. Dubbed Nature, the superyacht is designed to push the boundaries of contemporary yacht design by combining a central focus around nature with luxury and innovation.
  • Diesel has traditionally been the fuel of the maritime industry, which makes the absence of a diesel outboard engine even more puzzling. Production of the 50 hp Yanmar Dtorque 111 turbo-diesel has begun and the benefits over traditional outboard engines seem overwhelming.
  • Clifford Denn already has a portfolio that puts him in the elite category of maritime designers, but his latest concept, shown at the Monaco Yacht Show last week, could start a trend for superyachts by putting the wheelhouse one deck down and devoting the upper deck to the passengers.
  • After refining its nautical skills on the AM37 powerboat from last year's Monaco Yacht Show, Aston Martin is back in Monaco talking up another project that puts its design expertise to use at sea. With the Project Neptune submersible, Aston declares its intent to send vessels below the surface.