Dutch yacht design firm Sinot recently unveiled its 120-meter (394-ft) concept yacht during the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. Dubbed Nature, the superyacht is designed to push the boundaries of contemporary yacht design by combining a central focus around nature with luxury and innovation.

The design team used the geometrical lines of the yacht to harmonize the vessel with its marine environment. Viewing the yacht from land, the sea and surrounding landscape is reflected by the extensive windows that line the vessel, while on the yacht it's possible to get in touch with nature, either through the surrounding views of the ocean or through the onboard garden.

"The name of the yacht has duality in purpose: it is in reference to both human nature, and the way that humans interact with nature as environment," superyacht designer and founder of Sinot, Sander Sinot, tells New Atlas. "As designers, we are always fascinated by nature in its perfection, purity and greatness; nature offers endless sources of inspiration. But we have found that sometimes there is a strict distinction between nature and human-built structures and we wanted to break those boundaries. With Nature we chose a radically different approach through creating a design that blends into nature without conflict or competition."

The Nature concept yacht features eight luxurious state and VIP suites, a spacious owner's suite, spa deck, gymnasium, swimming pool at sea level, observatory and inner garden equipped with climate control technology. The owners have plenty of privacy with an entire deck dedicated to themselves, complete with a circular staircase that connects the owner's suite with a huge 900-sq m (9,688-sq ft) panorams deck.

Furthermore, the upper deck observatory which is located at the bow of the yacht, features impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, offering guests on-board spectacular views while also blurring the lines between where the vessel meets the water. The yacht has also been designed to makes the most of natural light, while the stern and side hatches can be opened and the roof hatches slid out to create an open-air beach area. Meanwhile, a waterfall towards the bow flows with "fragranced droplets" – presumably of a natural scent.

"We worked from a holistic approach [and] it was important to our concept that we took full advantage of the geometrical lines and shapes that form the basis of our natural surroundings," says Sinot. "As a result, Nature does not need to resort to a sort of camouflage to become one with its environment. She will never compete with the beauty of the sea, the shores and the coastlines, which she will explore. Nature can blend into nature, without conflict or competition."

The Nature superyacht will be built with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, complies with Large Yacht Code 3 (LY3) and can accommodate 18 guests and up to 50 crew members. It has been designed to run as energy-efficiently as possible with a strong focus on the materials used and the lifespan of the vessel, which is anticipated to be decades.

"The way we approach nature and the natural environment is unique," says Sinot. "Of course, used materials are the best, most valuable and sought-after materials one can imagine. It will be built by the best craftsman in the world. But what is truly different about this yacht is that the design never dominates, it is never intrusive. This is very special in this industry and the way we succeeded in this makes me very proud."

Further features include two double staff cabins, 18 double crew cabins, two triple crew cabins, first officer cabin, captain's cabin, 10-m (33-ft) limo tender, 10-m (33-ft) sport tender, luxury tender, two crew tenders and eight wave runners.

It is anticipated to take four years to complete the Nature superyacht build with an undisclosed final costing. Sinot is excited about the future prospects of the yacht for its future owners. The firm is also looking to further push the boundaries of yacht design with its next projects.

"We always try to make a difference, to go a step further, to push the boundaries," Sinot says. "I really don't know what will be next, and that's what's exciting about this industry. I do have all the faith that we will come up with a concept that really makes a difference, not just another very large yacht."

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