NAHBS 2017

  • ​The North American Handmade Bicycle Show has wound up for another year, bringing us a fresh batch of some of the most interesting and exquisite bikes from around the world. We attended the event in Salt Lake City last weekend, and now offer this look at some of our faves from the show.
  • ​Have you ever tried cycling while carrying a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer? It ain't easy. That's why Rob Simon contacted Tim O'Donnell about building him a bicycle that could do the job. O'Donnell really went to town on the project, creating a bike with a bunch of interesting features.
  • ​Although Risse Racing Technology may be best-known for its mountain bike suspension components, it has also just introduced a complete e-bike. Known as the Voltinator, it's designed for both on- and off-road use, and it's sure to turn a few heads wherever it goes.
  • When Prince passed away last year, Anna Schwinn asked Peacock Groove Bicycles' Erik Noren if he could build her a custom steel-framed folding bike in tribute to the legendary musician. Noren accepted the challenge, and the result is definitely a work of art.
  • If they had electric bicycles on The Flintstones, is this what they'd look like? Actually, though, the e-bike you see here is a bamboo-framed prototype developed by Calfee Design. What's more, you may soon be able to buy one for yourself. Yabba-dabba-doo!