Have you ever tried riding a bike while carrying a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer? Well, apparently it ain't easy. That's why in 2015, cyclist Rob Simon contacted Shamrock Cycles' Tim O'Donnell about building him a bicycle that could do the job. O'Donnell really went to town on the project, creating a bike with a bunch of interesting features. We checked it out last weekend, at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

First of all, yes, the bike is able to transport wine and beer. The front rack can carry two bottles of wine via circular cut-outs, while the rear one can carry a six-pack within a removable set of rails.

Additionally, a ring of bicycle chain mounted on the handlebar stem (seen at the top of the photo below) is able to hold a cup of coffee.

A Schmidt front hub generator powers a conventional headlight and tail light, along with two LED running lights that are built into the front ends of the mixte frame's mid-stays. That hub also delivers current to a 12-volt USB power port located in the rear rack, which can be used for charging devices such as smartphones while riding.

Beneath the rear rack is a spring-loaded holder for an Abus U-lock, which can be unlocked remotely using an app.

Gear-shifting is handled electronically, via a Shimano Alfine Di2 rear hub transmission. Also, instead of a chain, the bike has a Gates Carbon belt drive – an elevated chainstay makes that belt easier to access.

And should you be wondering, that snazzy custom paint job is known as "urban camo."

Company website: Shamrock Cycles

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