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  • Goosebumps are a weird quirk of our bodies that science doesn’t fully understand. Now, researchers at Harvard have uncovered a biological reason for the reaction: it’s our bodies’ way of stimulating stem cells to drive new hair growth.
  • ​When it comes to frivolous gadgets, fidget spinners would seem to be one of the most … well, frivolous. Recently, however, scientists from National Taiwan University discovered that the devices could be used for blood sample analysis in impoverished regions.
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    Chitin, which occurs in crustacean shells, has already been suggested for use in things like wound dressings, cheaper pharmaceuticals, and even proton-conducting transistors. Now, researchers have found that when combined with silver, it could also be used to kill malaria-spreading mosquitoes.​
  • To recognize the burgeoning field of robot art, a new contest has been launched by website, and you can help determine which mechanical painter will win.
  • Most artificial muscles can only expand in one direction, or contract in the other. Now, however, scientists from National Taiwan University have gotten around that limitation using gold-plated onion cells.