OnePlus 3

  • LG recently unveiled its newest flagship, the G6, at the Mobile World Congress. The OnePlus 3 and 3T are budget-minded 2016 flagships that pack in some premium specs and features. Here's a spec-by-spec look at how they compare.
  • Smartphones aren’t cheap, but if you’re looking for a holiday gift that toes the line between exciting and practical, they could be the answer. Read on for New Atlas’ take on the best smartphones of 2016.
  • We compare the incrementally-updated OnePlus 3T to one of its most obvious rivals, the Google Pixel XL.
  • Apparently Chinese smartphone-maker OnePlus has been taking its "Never settle" slogan literally, as the recently-launched OnePlus 3 already has a minor update in the OnePlus 3T. We lined up their features and specs.
  • ​A new and improved OnePlus 3 has just been announced, but don’t write it off as a mid-cycle money grab. The new OnePlus 3T​ makes incremental improvements where it counts.
  • Pixel XL​, the first made-by-Google phablet, has earned big accolades for its camera, super-swift performance and pure Android experience. Still, it's an expensive phone, and not all of its features are necessities. How does it compare to one of our favorite bargain 'droids, the OnePlus 3​?
  • If you're looking for a new, well-equipped smartphone that won't break the bank, bargain devices from Chinese companies Huawei and OnePlus may have you covered. Here's how their affordable flagships compare. ​
  • Can the OnePlus 3 compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for less than half the starting price? Since OnePlus pulled out a few new tricks with this year's flagship and ditched their invite-only purchasing system, it's a more relevant question than ever. Here, we compare phones side-by-side.
  • Chinese newcomer OnePlus is back with another attempt to marry top-level specs with a knock-down price, and it's come up with the company's best handset by far. It's powerful, it's sleek, and it should have the bigger manufacturers looking over their shoulders.
  • If you're a OnePlus 2 owner who's been wondering whether the new model is worth the upgrade, perhaps we can lend a hand. Join us as we compare the features and specs of new and old budget flagships: OnePlus 3​ vs. 2.
  • The OnePlus 3​ and iPhone 6s Plus​ are about as different as two flagship smartphones can be. One crams a surprisingly high-end spec sheet into an aggressively low price; the other relies on brand recognition to use sky-high profit margins. Read on, as we compare their features and specs.
  • It's high-end phone with budget pricing vs. high-end phone with ... expected pricing, as we compare the features and specs of the OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
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