Apparently Chinese smartphone-maker OnePlus has been taking its "Never settle" slogan literally, as the recently-launched OnePlus 3 already has a minor update in the OnePlus 3T. We lined up their features and specs.


No differences here.


Ditto for weight, as the phones' exteriors are, apart from color options, identical.


That means the same aluminum unibody design as well.


There is a new gunmetal color option for the OnePlus 3T, replacing the gray on the OnePlus 3.

Display size

There are changes – we're getting there – but the display stands pat as well.

Display resolution

Both phones' 1080p resolution puts them behind rivals from Google, Samsung and LG, which use ultra-sharp QHD (2,560 x 1,440) panels.

Display type

The 3T's identical display is AMOLED.


This is one of the biggest steps forward for the 3T, as it goes with Qualcomm's late 2016 high-end silicon, the Snapdragon 821.


OnePlus put an industry-leading 6 GB of RAM in its 2016 flagships.


The company also added a 128 GB storage option to the new model.


Still no option, though, for expandable storage.


This is the second big upgrade for the 3T, as it gets a 13-percent bigger (higher-capacity) battery.

Fast charging

Both phones use OnePlus' version of quick-charging, "Dash Charge," which the company says does better than rival Android phones at maintaining charging speeds while playing video or games.

Camera megapixels

A big upgrade for selfie-takers, the OnePlus 3T's front camera jumps all the way to 16 MP. Unless you're planning on printing posters of your selfies, this may be overkill, but we'll reserve judgment for our full review.

Camera aperture (rear)

Nothing changed on the rear camera, so aperture stands at ƒ/2.0. You'll get better low-lit shots from rivals like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Water resistance

Unlike Samsung's and Apple's 2016 flagships, OnePlus didn't bother with water resistance in either phone.

Headphone jack

OnePlus is, however, one of the companies keeping the 3.5-mm headphone jack alive.

Hi-Fi audio

You won't get a built-in DAC (digital-analog converter) or AptX bluetooth (for higher-res wireless streaming) on either phone, leaving audiophiles to stick with rivals like the LG V20.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor home button hasn't changed.


Temporarily, the OnePlus 3T will have an advantage in running a newer version of Android, but the company says the 3 will also get Nougat by year's end.


The OnePlus 3T goes on sale on November 22, though we don't yet know if shipments will start immediately after that or not.

Starting price (full retail)

This is always the killer feature of value-minded OnePlus phones, but with each new handset we see, their prices have been gradually creeping up closer to those of more expensive premium rivals. Still, with a bigger battery, newer processor and Android Nougat, an extra US$40 doesn't sound like a bad deal.

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