Peugeot Design Lab

  • Two years ago, Peugeot revealed the innovative Le Bistrot du Lion food truck. Oyster specialist Gillardeau was so impressed it commissioned its very own food truck, a four-wheeled oyster bar that can track down crowds and serve up delectable shucked treats from the sea.
  • Peugeot started life making coffee mills, before jumping into bikes in 1830. Although it's found a niche in the automotive world since, occasionally it dabbles in the two-wheeled game. The electric eF01 is the latest, aimed at making ​last mile ​​transport a sweat-free enterprise.
  • ​Peugeot has released its vision for the charging station of the future – the Driveco Parasol. Made of sustainable materials, the station provides shade for the cars that are charging up on energy collected from the roof mounted solar panels.
  • Good design is a functional expression of purpose and after 200 years of creating household technology and a 125 years of designing transportation technology, Peugeot Design has married the two with an ingenious mobile restaurant "Foodtruck" concept.