Peugeot might be known as a car manufacturer nowadays, but it's been through plenty of different iterations along the way. It started life making coffee mills, before jumping into bikes in 1830. Although it's found a niche in the automotive world since, occasionally someone in Sochaux decides it's time to dabble in the two-wheeled game, as evidenced by the eF01, a folding eBike aimed at making last mile transport a sweat-free enterprise.

Launched alongside the handsome new 5008 SUV, the eF01 is yet another take on covering the last mile. Rather than forcing commuters to work up a sweat with a folding/unfolding technique to rival the worst Ikea can offer, the team at Peugeot Design Labs have developed a three-step process taking less than 10 seconds.

As well as the usual riding or fully folded positions, the bike can be put into a third walking position that sees the wheels aligned to allow the bike to be walked with the handle built into the frame – which might come in handy considering the 17-kg (37.5-lb) eF01 is too heavy to be carried for an extended period.

The bike can give riders a boost up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph), with a maximum range of 30 km (18.6 mph) from the lithium-ion battery. There are disc brakes attached to the 16-inch wheels, and riders can track their journey through a smartphone app. Charging is handled by a regular wall socket, and there's also an in-car docking station available.

Peugeot will show the eF01 off at the Paris Motor Show, where New Atlas will be on the ground covering all the action. Sales will start in early 2017.

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