Rush University

  • Cancer uses some insidious tricks to survive and spread in the body. But now researchers at Rush University and the University of California, San Diego have found a way to intervene in one of these schemes, preventing tumors from recruiting immune cells to help them grow and metastasize.
  • Many of the many people who receive artificial hips will require replacement surgery. This is due to a condition called osteolysis, in which the adjacent bone deteriorates, causing the implant to loosen. Soon, however, it may be possible to determine who will develop the condition, via a urine test.
  • ​According to a new study conducted by Chicago's Rush University Medical Center, just one serving of leafy green vegetables per day could help preserve memory and thinking skills as we get older. In fact, following such a diet may slow brain aging by up to 11 years.
  • ​If you have trouble learning, you might want to try eating more cinnamon. A study has found that "slow learner" mice do better at finding their way through mazes, after a month of ingesting the spice.​