shanghai auto show 2017

  • Italian design house Pininfarina is in on the Auto Shanghai electrified vehicle fun, showing not just a single range-extended electric but teaming up with Hong Kong's Hybrid Kinetic Group for an entire family, starting with the H600 sedan and moving up to the seven-seat K750 SUV.
  • VW Group has its sights on 2025 for an expansion of its electrified vehicle portfolio. By that time, five of the group's all-electric vehicles will be wearing a Skoda badge ... compared to none today. Skoda starts now with a sporty electric crossover named the Vision E.
  • Auto Shanghai got underway this week, bringing with it a look at the near future of the auto market. It looks like we're in for a more attractive selection of electric cars, even more SUVs, and some vehicles from brands that didn't exist a few years ago.
  • Taking a break from the everyday hatchbacks and crossovers that populate its production lineup, MG Motor is dreaming bigger with its latest concept car. Unveiled at Auto Shanghai, the MG E-motion is a voluptuously sultry sports coupe with powerful electric drive.
  • Tired of those boring, symmetrical car doors that just swing out to let you inside? Qoros' young mind has the cure in the new Model K-EV concept car, where no two doors are alike. The concept offers up to 311 miles of all-electric driving that starts off with the bang of a 2.6-second 0-62 mph.
  • The Buick Velite 5 will be the first extended-range electric vehicle the company has debuted. Designed specifically for the Chinese market, where Buick is flourishing, the Volt-based vehicle was recently unveiled at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.
  • Chinese startup NIO has unveiled a new sport utility vehicle for the Chinese market. The electric SUV will enter serial production later this year with seating for seven and a swappable battery pack.
  • GM SUVs aren't generally the best place to look to see playful design, but that's what's on display on the new FNR-X. The SUV concept carries a plug-in powertrain and some high-tech features inside a strong, sturdy build sliced and diced with some puzzling design cues.
  • VW Group has brought the floodlights to Shanghai and it's pointing them on its burgeoning electric vehicle technology. One of the Group electric concepts debuting at this week's Auto Shanghai show, the Audi e-tron Sportback serves as a sleeker, sportier followup to the 2015 e-tron quattro SUV.