Taking a break from the everyday hatchbacks and crossovers that populate its production lineup, MG Motor is dreaming bigger with its latest concept car. Unveiled at Auto Shanghai, the MG E-motion is a voluptuously sultry sports coupe with powerful electric drive. And this concept might just preview a return to the sportiness of MG's past.

As attractive as it is, the E-motion feels like a book we've read before. There's the eye roll of a name, which has already been used in some form by Volkswagen and Fisker Inc., styling that's sexy but quite similar to some other recent concept cars, and generic industry standards like 311+ miles (500+ km) of range, sub-four-second 0-62 mph (100 km/h) acceleration, and an "intelligent infotainment system" for the youngsters. We don't expect a trio of different doors, but an innovative detail or two wouldn't hurt.

All that said, it's a book we don't mind reading again, especially when it's penned by an author with as much sports car history as the MG marque, history we'd love to see repeated.

Styling-wise, the E-motion reminds us very much of the 2015 Mazda RX-Vision and 2016 Buick Avista. A set of butterfly doors give it a little extra auto show flash, and the headlights take inspiration from the London Eye ferris wheel.

MG hasn't provided details on the powertrain it envisions motivating the E-motion, leaving those 311-mile and sub-four-second predictions as orphans without parents. Whatever the exact layout and spec, MG says the greater modular electric platform was developed in house.

More interesting than any of the limited information MG has officially detailed, Autocar reports that the E-motion could go into production by 2020, with a base price under £30,000 (approx. US$38K). For now, it's on display at Auto Shanghai.

Sources: MG Motor, Autocar

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