It was only a couple of months ago that one Henrik Fisker electric vehicle firm was unveiling a new model and now we have another. Whereas the Karma Revero is borne of Henrik Fisker's original Fisker Automotive, though, the Fisker EMotion hails from his new Fisker Inc.

Fisker Automotive, now called Karma Automotive, had weathered two product recalls and a bankruptcy declaration by its battery supplier while producing the earlier version of the Karma Revero, and it was subsequently bought out by Chinese auto firm Wanxiang.

As we previously reported, the Karma Revero has a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h) and an electric range of 50 mi (80 km), which was deemed low enough to require a petrol generator for support. The Fisker EMotion, meanwhile, will have a claimed top speed of 161 mph (260 Km/h) and all-electric range of 400 mi (640 km), which is more than that of the Tesla Model S. It will also reportedly be kitted out with fully autonomous driving tech.

Of course, on-paper specs are one thing, but the EMotion first has to be built and will then have to prove itself. To achieve its lofty spec goals, though, Fisker Inc. says the EMotion will employ new graphene battery technology courtesy of a joint venture between itself and Nanotech Energy Inc. going by the name of Fisker Nanotech.

Elsewhere, a newly-developed electric powertrain has allowed the vehicle's cabin to be pushed forward and its wheelbase lengthened. Subsequent short front and rear overhangs will help to maximize space inside, with Fisker Inc. claiming that there will be more legroom than "many full-size luxury sedans."

The EMotion will boast a muscular and low body formed of composite, carbon fiber and aluminum and an aerodynamic glasshouse, with its windshield pushed down and forward. At the rear, the designs show a spoiler and diffuser aimed at contributing to the car's aerodynamics. Fisker Inc. says the premium feel of the car will be pulled through into its interior, with a focus on comfort and all seats having access to screens and infotainment features.

An existing facility in the US has been lined up to produce the EMotion and the vehicle is due to be shown off around the middle of next year. Production and delivery schedules have yet to be announced.

Source: Fisker Inc.

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