Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

  • Researchers at Northwestern University have demonstrated that non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation can be specifically targeted to improve precise memories, such as specific shapes and colors of objects.
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    University of Washington researchers have improved on their direct brain-to-brain connection technology involving pairs of volunteers sending signals from one person’s brain to another over the internet to directly govern the motions of the receiving person’s hand.
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    A human test subject in India has emailed the messages "hola" and "ciao" to three other people in France. Doesn't sound too impressive? Well, in this case the words were composed and interpreted using only the brain ... along with some high-tech help.
  • In a breakthrough that opens up the potential for new treatments for memory impairments in the young and old, researchers at Northwestern University have shown that electrical stimulation of the brain can improve memory, with the benefits lasting long after treatment.