University of Bradford

  • Stonehenge cuts an imposing figure – but it’s just a fraction of the structures that once stood in the area. Now, archaeologists have discovered a huge, previously unknown ring of structures surrounding the region at Durrington Walls.
  • Science
    ​In the near future, it may be a lot more difficult to make computers believe that you're happy with something when you're actually not. That's because scientists at Britain's University of Bradford have developed software that can reportedly detect phoney smiles.
  • ​Artificial intelligence can tell women from men based on their smiles, new research suggests. This is because women's smiles are broader than men's. The finding has allowed researchers to create an AI algorithm that can identify gender 86 percent of the time.
  • Science
    Although barcodes are currently utilized mainly to keep track of merchandise, they may soon also be used to detect counterfeit goods. We're not talking about ordinary barcodes, however. Instead, scientists have devised a new 3D barcode that's actually molded into plastic or composite items.
  • A "universal" blood test screening for cancer is the goal of a lab at the University of Bradford, reducing unneeded and expensive biopsies. The technique relies on the idea that white blood cells in cancer patients are already damaged, and can be measured.