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  • In order to keep water from evaporating from the soil, farmers often cover the ground around their crop plants with sheets of polyethylene plastic. There could soon be a more eco-friendly alternative, though, in the form of soybean oil-coated sand.
  • Science
    Scientists know of 16 types of ice. Most of these have only been created in the lab, but now, geoscientists have discovered a type known as Ice VII inside diamonds. This marks the first time the substance has been detected in nature, and it suggests that Earth’s mantle is home to pockets of water.
  • It’s been said that the first Mars explorers will have to be prepared to take one for humanity. Not only do they risk permanent neural damage as well as an increased risk of leukemia and Alzheimer’s, they could also be doubling their risk of getting cancer, a new study suggests.​​
  • Team Austria (Vienna University of Technology) has been announced the overall winner of Solar Decathlon 2013 after the closest competition in the history of the event. Second place went to University of Nevada Las Vegas, with the Czech Technical University achieving third place overall.