• Science
    ​IBM and MIT recently launched a new collaborative research lab designed to propel breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence over the next decade. The deal involves a US$240 million dollar investment from IBM, one of the largest ever seen between a university and a private company.
  • Australian start-up, Lingmo International, has brought us one step closer to real-time universal translation. The Translate One2One is set to be the first commercially available translation earpiece that doesn't rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • This year, tax time could be a little less daunting thanks to Watson, IBM’s versatile AI. IBM and tax firm H&R Block will set the system loose on the insane amount of data involved in tax preparation, to sift out more deductions and make the whole process less horrible.
  • ​Watson, IBM’s AI system, is ridiculously prolific. The latest point on the system’s resumé is to help make hospital stays more comfortable for patients and relieve strain on staff through speakers that can answer basic questions and grant patients' control over room temperature, lights or TV.
  • What happens when an artificial intelligence system is tasked with making a trailer to a horror movie about an artificially enhanced human hybrid? We now have the answer.
  • ​Registration has just opened up for an all new XPrize, focusing on getting humans collaborating better with AI tech to solve major global issues. Unlike previous competitions, the IBM Watson AI XPrize doesn’t feature a set of pre-determined goals, but challenges teams to come up with their own.
  • IBM Japan has teamed up with Subaru to investigate how its Watson Supercomputer could help improve its EyeSight driver assist technology. As well as developing a data analytics system, the two companies are keen to integrate cloud and AI technologies. ​
  • IBM's Watson supercomputer can now "chat" about complex topics such as science and engineering. Its new talents can be used to help people parse large amounts of research, some of which may be beyond their expertise, in creating new solutions to big problems.
  • It seems like every celebrity comes out with a cookbook at some point and IBM's Watson supercomputer is no exception. The newly released Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson includes 65 recipes developed with the help of what's billed as "the world’s first cognitive cooking system."
  • The Dino CogniToy isn't just a plastic dinosaur with a chip, it's a plastic dinosaur connected to an IBM's Watson artificially intelligent computer system, which makes it not simply interactive, but also a toy that can "evolve, learn, and grow" with a child.
  • Watson, IBM's natural language-understanding supercomputer, now comes with an impressive new feature. When asked to discuss any topic, it can autonomously scan its knowledge database for relevant content, "understand" the data, and argue both for and against that topic.
  • IBM's Watson supercomputer is being re-tasked to help clinicians create personalized treatments for a common form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma. Watson will analyze vast quantities of data in order to suggest a personalized life-saving treatment based on the patient's individual case.
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