The developers of pet tracking device Tagg have fronted up to this week's CES in Las Vegas with a refined version of its smart collar, shedding a little bulk and incorporating a temperature sensor to let you know when your hound might be getting a little hot under the collar.

The first-generation Tagg pet tracker was launched back in 2011 and was touted as a useful tool for alerting owners to when their pets stray too far from home. Using advanced GPS and cellular wireless technology, Tagg can be programmed through an online dashboard to trigger email or text message notifications if it is carried outside a user-determined area, like a 50 m (164 ft) radius around the house, for example.

Additionally, it serves as an activity monitor much like a Fitbit or Jawbone, keeping tabs on your canine's exercise habits. An accelerometer tracks its movement throughout the day and data is then compiled and presented in charts so that owners can track long-term changes in a pet's behavior.

Looking to build on this health-oriented functionality, the developers have squeezed in an ambient temperature sensor, while also making the device itself a little smaller. The second-generation Tagg GPS Plus will push notifications to an owner's phone if their pet becomes dangerously hot or cold.

If your pet has a tendency to sneak out under the back fence, then there are a number of tracking solutions available. Whistle and Pod, which was recently funded on Indiegogo, are just some of the other names staking their claim in this market, priced at US$129 and $199 respectively.

Tagg GPS Plus is available for preorder at a discounted rate of $100, with a $10 monthly fee on top for cellular data. Its slated retail price is $120.

Source: Tagg

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