Take your iPod swimming, surfing or waterskiing

Take your iPod swimming, surfing or waterskiing
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H2OAUDIO makes a range of waterproof MP3 players and accessories
H2OAUDIO makes a range of waterproof MP3 players and accessories
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May 19, 2005 Surfers, wakeboarders, water skiers, and swimmers can now strap on a convenient and secure armband or swim belt and take their iPod out for a day of music-accompanied activity. With over 10 million iPods sold to date, the iPod is the world’s most popular digital music player, which explains why it is also the world’s most accessorized gadget and the darling of the design community and suddenly appearing everywhere from MBA courseware to BMW’s accessory catalogue. All this qualifies the SV-iP4G waterproof iPod case and headset as a killer product. It takes a full-size Apple iPod and enables you to take it swimming with you and pound out the laps with complete choice of the 10,000 tunes in your pocket even while you’re under water! Until now all of the MP3 players we’ve seen that operate underwater use bone conduction (see stories here, here and here) but the H2OAUDIO SV-iP4G uses waterproof leads and a earplugs and is certain to draw a massive response from the world’s swimmers at US$149.95.

H2O Audio specialises in waterproof cases and headphones for mp3 players, but we suspect that this product will focus the world’s attention on them to such a degree that supplies of their waterproof case will be short for some time to come.

The SV-iP4G provides iPod users with an absolutely secure, waterproof and submersible audio system. The SV-iP4G waterproof case provides a unique full-function dial and push button assembly design that gives users ready access to all of the iPod's proprietary Click Wheel command controls even when fully submerged in water. H2O Audio will be announcing the release of its SV-iP3G product, supporting touch wheel and button controlled iPods next month.H2O Audio SV-iP4G Key Features:* Completely secure waterproof housing for full-size Apple iPod* Patented waterproof headset* Patented waterproof click-wheel control* Rigid body provides extreme impact protection* Water, wind, dust and sand safe* Compatible with standard headphones for land use* Allows easy access to iPod command functions

MSRP for the H2O Audio SV-iP4G housing and headphones is US$149.95.

The SV-iP4G accessories for Apple’s iPod are available now from the H2O Audio eStore and iPersonality.

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