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Tami Rhino Motorised Off-road Skateboard

Tami Rhino Motorised Off-road Skateboard
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The Tami Rhino motorised "mountainboard" takes skating into unchartered territory, adding a 33cc 1.7hp two-stroke engine and nine inch tyres to an over sized deck to create a stand-up ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) capable of speeds up to 35kmh. The pneumatic tyres ensure that rocks and bumps don't cause disastrous spills as they can on a traditional skateboard and the one-way power train provides enough drive to handle inclines to a gradient of 15 percent or abrasive surfaces like grass and gravel. Steering is through weight transfer as per normal board riding, with brakes and throttle operated via a hand-held cable attached to the motor at the rear. Across flat ground it's smooth and controllable and on the downhill the Rhino has been compared to riding a snowboard because of the sliding sensation the rider experiences. The Tami Rhino weighs 17kg, measures 135cm long x 40cm wide and costs AUS$1999. Visit www.tamiscooter.com or phone (03) 9543-1225 to learn more.


* Engine : 1.7HP 2stroke gasoline engine
* Weight : 17kg
* Max speed : 35km
* Size : L 1350mm, W 400mm, H 380mm
* Climb slopes : 15 degrees gradient
* Brake System : Rear band type
* Power train system : Gear box & Chain type

View gallery - 4 images
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