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TDK pocket-sized Tremor Xa-10 flat panel stereo speakers

TDK pocket-sized Tremor Xa-10 flat panel stereo speakers
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March 19, 2007 There’s a growing percentage of people out there, like many who work for Gizmag, who frequently find themselves working somewhere else, with a desk and chair combination created by an interior designer who skipped his ergonomics classes and yearning dearly for the comforts of your own comfortable desktop. Well here’s something that you can take with you to provide the comfort of high quality sound without taking too much space in the luggage – US$25 TDK pocket-sized Tremor Xa-10 flat panel stereo speakers that are small enough to fit in your pocket and connect directly to portable CD, DVD and MP3 players, laptops and gaming consoles enabling music to be shared in transit, while at the beach or enjoying the great outdoors thanks to their lightweight compact size and ultimate portability. Not to mention being space efficient while travelling! Magnets hold the flat panel speakers together so the surface panels are protected while in transit.

Available in white with contrasting lime, orange or silver speaker panels, TDK’s Tremor Xa-10 Speakers are powered via the USB port of any electronic device, or alternatively they can be run on AAA batteries.

TDK spokesperson Bree McKenzie explains, “TDK has a family of Tremor Speakers, and the Xa-10’s are the latest release in the range,” continued McKenzie. “Only the Xa-10 Tremors are truly portable – that is, they’re able to run on batteries. They also operate via the USB port of any electrical device or can be plugged into the power socket via an AC/DC power adaptor (not supplied with the Tremor Speakers).

“The new 2.0 channel Tremor Xa-10 speakers, with their minimalist design are the smallest and most affordable speakers in the Tremor line up, however don’t be fooled into thinking the sound quality is anything but first-class.

“Thanks to NXT’s SurfaceSound technology, the Xa-10s offer virtually 360° directivity across all frequency ranges. Acoustically, the manner in which sound is emitted from the flat panels is superior to conventional ‘cone shaped’ speakers so for their size, the quality of sound they produce is impressive, to say the least,” she said.

“The speakers have been designed with the ever-popular iPod MP3 in mind – Tremors provide MP3 enthusiasts with the versatility to share their music with others, as opposed to listening to tracks through headphones.

“Of course, Tremor Speakers are compatible with any MP3 player, CD or DVD players, laptops, PCs and gaming consoles, but the white base colour with contrasting contemporary colour trim make them an ideal match for iPod devices,” she said.

View gallery - 6 images
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