April 2, 2009 Tripping over tent ropes - it's a problem regular campers understand only too well and apparently around 3000 people seek first-aid from this kind of mishap every year in the Netherlands alone. This solution created by VAN BERLO in the Netherlands, is an LED light for guy lines that are attached to the rope so you can see them at night.

It’s a simple idea and although it might add a few seconds to your tent set up time (but who looks at their watch in the great outdoors anyway) many campers will be thankful for it when they avoid falling face first in the darkness and all the hassles that go hand-in hand with such a mishap like rope burn, collapsing tents and spilled drinks.

The internal LEDs automatically adjusts the light intensity according to the environment and the designers say it will automatically shut down when stored. They’re also waterproof and shock resistant and have a simple attachment to the rope which means you won’t have to go to the trouble of undoing the rope just to put them on. We can see this device being very useful at festivals where there are tents pitched randomly everywhere and guy line tripping is inevitable.

The design received a gong at the iF Design Awards 2009 awards for Leisure/Lifestyle.

Jamilah Le

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