Just a few months after releasing its smallest, lightest, and most affordable tree tent so far, British firm Tentsile is back with another off-ground tent design. The Vista is likened by Tentsile to a portable treehouse and offers more flexibility than the firm's previous tents, thanks to a removable roof and an ability to accommodate multiple stories.

The three-man (or two adults and two kids) Vista is based on Tentsile's Stingray model, and sports the same basic hammock/tent hybrid design as Tentsile's other products. It's suspended around 1.2 m (4 ft) off the ground, and is anchored to three nearby trees using a like number of ratchets and straps. Access is gained via the floor hatch in the center or the side entrances.

Judging from the photos, you'd probably only want to use this thing when the weather is particularly nice, and Tentsile states that it can't be fully sealed shut. On the plus side, Vista's removable roof allows one to sit back and enjoy the view. In addition, multiple floors can also be purchased at extra cost that allow a kind of multi-story off-ground camping setup.

Between deployment, the tent folds up into a bag measuring 59 x 25 x 25 cm (23 x 10 x 10 in), and weighs 9 kg (19 lb).

The Vista is available now in green, orange, camo, or dark grey, and will set you back US$595, plus shipping.

Source: Tentsile

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