We've watched Tentsile grow from a single-product start-up to a global authority in tree camping offering a full line of tree tents and accessories. One thing still missing in its lineup is a solo tree tent that can swing head to head with the numerous solo hammock shelters out there. It won't be missing for long, though, as Tentsile is preparing to launch the UNA.

So far, Tentsile has expanded quickly while going smaller, following its all-season, three-person Stingray up with the two-person Connect, flexible, two-season Vista, and lightweight, two-person Flite. But if you're the kind of tramper camper who likes to wander and lie down solo without carrying more tent than you need, Tentsile's lineup has lacked the single-person tree tent you were looking for ... until now.

The all-new, three-season UNA will fill the single-person gap, launching as Tentsile's light, compact tent-for-one. At 6.2 lb (2.8 kg), it won't be the lightest hanging shelter available, but Tentsile calls it the lightest tree tent solution out there. We reckon that depends on how you define tree tent versus sheltered hammock, but long story short, the UNA is the Tentsile you want to backpack, paddle or bikepack with if you plan to sleep alone.

Like Tentsile's other tents, the UNA is suspended out from each corner of its triangular base, which creates a flat, tensioned bed. The no-see-um mesh body takes shape with help from an aluminum pole, providing clear views of the stars and sky above ... until you hook up the removable rainfly to protect from bad weather. That rainfly can be staked out to create a 25 sq ft (2.3 sq m) protected area for storing gear below the tent. A large door makes access into the UNA easy, and left and right side pockets provide storage space.

The UNA measures 9 x 9 x 5 ft (2.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 m) when set up and provides a 24-sq ft (2.2-sq m) floor. It can hold up to 330 lb (150 kg).

The UNA won an ISPO Award at the recent ISPO Munich show. Tentsile will launch the new single-person tent next month as part of its expanded 2018 tree tent lineup. The retail price will be US$200.

Source: Tentsile

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