November 30, 2007 The new Magus compact loudspeakers from Teresonic combine quality audio and environmental efficiency in a unique casing. The speaker gets the most out of its low wattage, thereby offering power savings without compromising on sound quality.

Many conventional speakers consume 20 Watts of power whereas the Magus only uses a few Watts per speaker (sensitivity of 98dB at 1W/1kHz/1m), making the Magus one of the most eco-friendly designs available, according to Teresonic with the ultra-high efficiency simultaneously improving the sound quality and reducing energy costs. Magus speakers (the term means "magical " in Latin) are designed to be used as stand-mounted, bookshelf or tabletop sources and allow for positioning close to, or away from, walls and floors. This makes them uniquely suited for smaller listening rooms or offices. While most speakers are sensitive to precise positioning in the speaker's "sweet spot", Magus is designed to deliver quality sound anywhere in the room.

The Magus handcrafted enclosures are a case of form following function with the result being a unique design that combines modern day quality with a somewhat retro look. Teresonic likens the production to that of a fine musical instrument and they make a logical point: "Have you ever wondered why there are no square violins, trumpets, or acoustic guitars? So why do they make square speakers? Because it requires patience and painstaking attention to detail to make them like we do," says Mike Zivkovic, President of Teresonic. "Teresonic speakers are designed with the centuries-old proven techniques used in making fine musical instruments, combined with the latest science, materials and technology."

With a price tag of US$3,985 per pair, with customized speaker stands for an additional $385, these speakers are targeted at serious audiophiles. The makers are so confident consumers will like the speakers they’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

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