With its over the air updates, Tesla has created the potential to use its cars as a test bed for exciting and innovative technology. Tesla's latest over-the-air update has given owners the ability to "summon" their cars from the garage, as well as giving cars the ability to park themselves in the garage.

Tesla isn't the first brand to let owners remotely park their cars, that honor belongs to BMW, which uses a high-tech key to let well-off buyers get out of their 7 Series and force it to squeeze into tight spots on its own.

Where the 7 Series' system can only be used for tight car spots, Telsa's Summon system is an extension of Autopilot that can turn the car on, open the garage and drive up to the doorway for you.

At the end of the day, it will open the garage, park itself and shut down for the day. Now the brand's snake-style robocharger is starting to make a bit more sense – if the car is parking itself in the garage, owners aren't able to plug it in.

In the early stages of the Summon trial, Tesla is keen for owners to try it out on private property. But Elon Musk's software engineers have bigger plans, claiming cars will be able to synchronise with their owners' calendars and driverlessly cross the country to meet them.

Source: Tesla