Hot on the heels of the Model 3 launch, Tesla has given its Model S a refresh. Having launched a range of updates over the air since the big sedan launched in 2013, this is the first traditional update the electric carmaker has released, and brings some sharp new styling cues, new pricing and extended range. The entry-level Model X has also been updated, with a bigger battery and bigger price to match.

The first thing you'll notice about the updated Model S is the new front end. Thanks to redesigned headlamps, which are now full adaptive LED units, and a smaller grille, the big Tesla more closely mimics the design language debuted on the Model X. The new headlamps are also smarter, now following the path of the steering wheel to help you see around corners better. Beside the styling tweaks, the car's charger has been upgraded from a 40 to a 48-amp system for faster charging.

Also carried over from the Model X is the car's Bioweapon Defense Mode with HEPA air filtration, designed to remove 99.97 percent of particulate exhaust pollution along with allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from the air.

Having joked that Tesla was trying to "be a leader in apocalyptic defense scenarios" when launching the Model X, we're worried Elon Musk knows something we don't about what's to come now Bioweapon Defense Mode has spread across the range.

Optional HEPA filter aside, interior upgrades are limited to two new choices of wood trim, and what looks like a tweaked seat design.

Having recalled the Model X for potential issues with its third-row seats, Tesla has tweaked the entry-level model to include a 75-kWh battery, up from 70 kWh. As well as bumping range from 220 miles (354 km) to 237 miles (381 km), the price has jumped by US$3,000 to $83,000.

Pricing for the Model S is largely changed after the update, although you will pay $3,000 for the paranoia-spec air conditioning.

Source: Tesla

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