Tesla has released the latest over-the-air update for its Model S, which includes a number of navigation upgrades designed to cut down on range anxiety by constantly communicating with the brand's burgeoning Supercharger network.

The Range Assurance feature created by Tesla's software engineers constantly communicates with the company's Supercharger network and lets drivers know which stations are busy or full, as well as alerting them when they reach the point of no return and can't make it back to a charge point.

In addition to directing owners to the nearest charge points, the Model S navigation systems now uses the internet to find out information about elevation changes and weather to more accurately calculate range. When planning long trips, the Model S' navigation system will select a path that takes drivers past Supercharger points so they can top up the batteries. Once the car is charged, owners are notified by an app on their phone, and can get on with the drive.

Tesla's update also equips the Model S with a number of active safety features, with automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning and side collision warning all included.

For early-adopters paranoid about leaving their precious car in valet parking, the Model S' latest update includes a Corvette-style valet mode that limits its speed, locks the boot and hides owners' personal info from prying eyes.

Finally, Tesla says the update improves sound quality through a new audio codec, along with the tuning for the Model S' adaptive cruise control.

Source: Tesla

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