Voice commands via programs like Ford’s Sync are so 2010. A newly-released app called "GlassTesla" uses the interactive capabilities of Google Glass to connect wirelessly with Tesla's Model S. Once connected, owners have a variety of Glass activated commands at their beck and call and information in front of their eyeballs.

Saha Katta, who had access to a Model S through a family member, reverse engineered Tesla's official Android app to allow it to run on Google Glass. The resulting GlassTesla app communicates with Tesla’s onboard system to provide drivers with instant visual feedback through Google Glass without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

The app gives drivers access to a range of information and commands, including monitoring the vehicle’s charging status and providing the option to start or stop charging via Glass. Lazy drivers not finished with their Big Macs can also remain in the car while they pop the charging port remotely.

Owners who have forgotten the location of their Model S can direct Glass to locate the aforementioned lost Tesla on the map. Glass then taps into Tesla’s GPS system and directs owners accordingly. Forgot to lock the doors? No problem, Glass can check the car to see that doors and trunk are locked and secured on command.

Temperature control is also on GlassTesla’s list of supported commands, with the ability to remotely activate Tesla's auto climate system. Opening and closing of the sunroof via Glass provides for a quick switch to an open air experience.

The app can be downloaded now and will of course require one set of Google Glass glasses and one Tesla Model S. Katta is also working on additional Tesla applications for Google Glass.

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